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Pik-Nik with a Puppy

Pik-Nik partnered with Hearts of Hope to bring a socially distant and safe outdoor event to help get puppies from recently rescued dogs sponsored and on track for adoption. Our Pik-Nik baskets were stocked with toys and treats for the pups. Every blanket spot was accompanied by a trained dog handler to help the visitors with any questions and to ensure puppy safety. The sun shined, the leaves vibrant, the fall breeze swept through, and smiles and laughter traveled from blanket to blanket while we spent quality time with the puppies in Riverside Park. Look for future Pik-Nik with a Puppy events.

Hearts of Hope Dog Rescue is a 501(c)(3) non-profit dog rescue located in Grand Rapids, Michigan.
For more information on Hearts of Hope: https://rescueofhope.com/

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