Origins of Pik-Nik

We are Pik-Nik but who is we!? Let us tell you. We are a few friends who are passionate about our city and love to see it thrive. “We” are a fitness blogger, multimedia producer, beer trolley, bee keeper, healthcare workers, safety professional, dog lovers. We are women lead and owned. We are Pik-Nik.

When the idea of Pik-Nik (nameless picnic basket experience at the time) came to be, we knew we wanted to build a platform that would help showcase local products all while activating fun local spaces. With this idea coming around just before the start of a global pandemic, it has only forced our team to turn on the creative afterburners. Adjusting to some serious adversity in business startup, we have since been able to partner with local producers, music talent, spaces, and even pet adoption agency, all to help facilitate the Pik-Nik experience. As with any new business, we are continuously adjusting and refining what it means to Pik-Nik which is what gets our team out of bed in the morning. We hope to one day have our small business be a household name when it comes to us experiencing local.

Meet the “Pik-Nikeers”

Jamie is the leader of our team and has been a major influence on what the Pik-Nik brand looks and sounds like to our customers. You can find her oftentimes in her kitchen cooking up impressive vegetarian meals that would have any carnivore thinking twice. Her dog Mosely is truly her best friend that is often featured in Pik-Nik's social posts. She has a passion for fitness and healthy eating, spending time on creating easy to grasp instructional videos for daily workouts.

If you don’t know Steve he likely knows you. Steve is our connector and multimedia master, producing much of what can be seen from Pik-Nik's videos. Steve is passionate about human connection and helping others no matter how big or small the cause. You will find Steve around town involved in local events and happenings or putting together virtual tours of the many spaces around West Michigan. Steve is an intellect but don’t tell him that because he shys away from compliments.

Austin is known for his adventurous spirit showing in (but obviously not limited to) traveling all around the world, his impeccable hand walking, and taking over a dance floor in JW Marriott. His attention span to listen for long periods of time is unmatchable and he is always ready for conversation. Entrepreneur at heart and a head full of creativity, Austin will help grow an idea into a successful endeavor.

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