Destination: Orchard

I just…. fall feels you know?
*takes a deep breath, closes eyes, slowly shakes head with a smile

There are few things that maintain a full encompassing of scents in my memory.
Fresh cut grass, post rain.
Cooking dinner, with red wine and soul music.
And fall. Just fall. That cool breeze with sunshine creating that perfect air crispness, apple and pumpkin everything, cozy sweaters (ok that's not a scent). It’s like meditation just thinking about it, right? Same. 

Orchards are the worst kept secret to executing fall with perfection. But the right orchard for YOU is what will make it the ultimate experience. For me? Chill atmosphere with roaming freedom wandering to your heart's bliss through the apple tree lined rows. Drinking hot cider with fresh donuts sitting at a picnic table with friends. I’ve been to oh so, so many orchards (seriously though, I refuse to be ashamed) and I don’t want to say I have favorites….
.....but I have favorites.
I've gathered my top 4 local orchard picks for you.

1. Moelker Orchards & Farm Market 
U-Pick Honeycrisp apples, pumpkin donuts and fresh brewed coffee. Salivation immediate.  

2. Wells Orchards 
Fresh squeezed apple cider that makes you "…. ahhhh” after each sip. And be sure to grab a jar of the house-made peach salsa on your way out, because wow... *chef’s kiss 

--Important side note: Orchards 1 + 2 are so close in distance you can experience fall dreams here people. Two orchards, 1 day- recommended 10/10.   

3. Ed Dunneback and Girls Farm Market 
Fresh and warm spinach artichoke dip + sunflower fields + apple cider mimosas. Oh, my heart!  

4. Crane Orchards 
Not local, but keep with me here. For my fellow passengers riding the gluten free wagon with me, the take home Blueberry GF Crisp alone makes this scenic drive worthy, without hesitation. Plus wine flights, so… Bring a Pik-Nik basket and spend the day out there. You can thank me later.

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