About Us

Pik-Nik was created to bring the first new picnic style experience to Grand Rapids. As big travelers ourselves we continuously saw parks being used heavily in other countries and we craved that back home.

Our picnic basket rentals allow you to fully customize your experience. Make shopping for food part of your Pik-Nik adventure, or let us do that for you! Our baskets feature a dual climate style. Your food and drinks stay cold without chilling your snacks.

Pik-Nik strives to direct the spotlight on local foods, not only steady favorites but maybe, just maybe…. uncovering new favorites. We take pride in associating with companies that hold quality and health standards as high as we do. Pik-Nik dreams to make well with our world by reducing waste. We encourage a minimalist lifestyle with which you can enjoy the perks and avoid the clutter. You do only the fun part.

Useless facts about the pik-nik team

Jamie Bryan

Routinely pronounces words incorrectly, but with confidence.

Aversion to cotton balls.

Inability to watch a movie without looking up the cast within the first 5 minutes.

Steve Tibbe

Finds joy in efficiency.

Will lounge in jeans.

Despises useless things, such as providing useless facts.

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Contact info

Pik Nik provides unique experiences to its customers. We aim to highlight the wonderful outdoor spaces in the community and build a more established eco friendly experience.

Address: 900 Muskegon Ave NW, Grand Rapids, MI 49504